E-Governance Consulting

As Business and Technology Consultants, Spageo Technologies has embraced a few e-Governance ventures in India, Nigeria, Gulf Countries and internationally. These undertakings have incorporated those offering financially savvy, enhanced and simple-to-get to administrations to natives, enhanced handling of transactions both inside government business locales, and between the legislature and private organizations, and ventures that have helped expanded transparency and open area change.

Thusly, a more productive working of government takes into consideration enhanced and better influence. The execution of e-government encourages native investment in legislation by expanding access channels to government. The main step towards e-Governance is to comprehend the procedures of the Government. e-Governance is not by any means an IT activity it really comprises of Resource Management, Process Re-designing, Regulatory and Administrative Reforms, Change Management, Information Management, and a lot of people more segment. Change of methods is the key while executing e-Governance extend, its not simply interpretation of existing methodologies in mechanized structure. So keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish a definitive objectives of e-Governance the undertaking must be done by specialists who are represented considerable authority in Governance yet not in Information Technology.

Our Consultancy Services are:

  • Business Planning and IT Strategy Consulting
  • IT Project Management and Consulting
  • Security Consulting
  • Network and IT Infrastructure Consulting
  • Capacity Building and Training
  • Data Warehousing/Data Mining

Client Testimonials

  • Grace Geo“ The creativity and diversity of skill sets at Spageo Tech have enabled us to have a successful online E-commerce website. Spageo has not only designed and developed...”VP Sales, Finance Company, UK
  • Ruth Nellore“ Spageo Tech has done an excellent job in developing a multimedia presentation for our application. We had very demanding time lines and requirements for the presentation... ”Project Consultant, Web Development Company, USA
  • Sandra Dave“ With Spageo tech following succesful negotiations, completion of legal formalities is expected during comming time frame.We are looking forward to becoming part of an exciting... ”Marketing Head, Retail Company, USA